COVID-19 Update

This is a confusing and concerning time with increased anxiety and demands being placed on all of us because of the COVID-19 virus. Your self care and connection to others is as important now as ever. I am committed to structuring my practice in order to be accessible during this time.

I understand most people prefer to meet in person however, the situation is very fluid. We may very quickly require isolation and will need to meet remotely via video conference or phone to promote public health efforts. I commonly counsel my clients via online in my practice and find it to be as effective therapeutically as meeting in person.

I use Owl Practice a HIPAA compliant platform for video conferencing to continue meeting without interruption. Talking by phone is also an option for those who prefer. If you prefer to do remote sessions for your next appointment we can do that. Please contact me so I can set that up. If you have concerns about this please contact me or discuss in our next session as we can talk through it.

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