Interior of Wilson Counselling

I want to help people get to the root of what troubles them. With individual counselling, using a holistic approach this can look many different ways! I take into account your experiences from childhood into adulthood, your lifestyle, your symptoms, how you cope with stresses and much more. This can help to identify both your strengths and your challenges, and ways to address what is most important to your overall goals.

As your counsellor you take the lead when it comes to what you would like to change, while I will help support you in helping you getting to your goals. I’ll help you see patterns in your life in a gentle way that allows you to do great with it! Together we will find out what you sincerely want for yourself and come up with resourceful and energizing ways to tackle it.

In our initial session, you and I will create a plan to tackle your needs and goals. I like to customize my approach with each client. The best work is usually done with either weekly or bi-weekly sessions to start.

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