Online Anxiety Management Program

Take Your Life Back: Come to Grips with your Anxiety Program

‘Take Your Life Back’ is a comprehensive, current and highly-effective home study course designed for those who are living with destructive anxiety and stress.

Through a series of videos and downloadable resources, I walk you through the simple shifts you can make in your life to overcome the anxiety and stress that is leaving you feeling exhausted, worried and holding you back from achieving your dreams.

Everything follows the holistic nutrition-environment-psychology model I have pioneered after years working in nutrition and counselling therapy.

I use what I learned about the gut-brain connection (things that shed entirely new light on anxiety and how to overcome it), and use it in my busy counselling practice to help clients revitalize and transform their lives, using a holistic approach that goes beyond the scope of typical Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 

Anxiety and stress can be totally disabling. By focusing on what you eat, the environment you live/work in, and what has happened in your past, it’s perfectly possible to enjoy a life where anxious feelings and stress are nothing more than a minor inconvenience.

To help as many people as possible, I have decided to take all I have learned and create a video-based home study course anyone can use to overcome stress and anxiety, using skills they already possess.


  • Help you set laser-focused goals and produce positive outcomes.
  • Show you a proven routine to start each day.
  • Show you how to build symbiosis between you and your emotions.
  • Learn some basic, simple brain science that will turn your limbic system into a powerhouse.
  • Discover how everything we do with our body and mind radically affects the other.
  • Help build resilience and self-compassion. 
  • Identify NATs, and cognitively restructure your mind so these thoughts instead fuel positive empowerment and energy   
  • How to kick flawed thinking to the curb
  • Discover what the ‘Monkey Mind’ is, how it’s keeping you in a destructive cycle of torment, and how to calm it
  • Uncover your deep-rooted belief and help you embrace them and their power.
  • Improve sleep quality and learn to relax.
  • Learn why food matters to your mental health.

To learn more about the program and learn secrets to master your anxiety watch my free webinar.

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