Offering Private Practice Consulting

Individual Therapy

One-on-one counselling sessions exploring issues of depression, anxiety, stress and more.

Online Anxiety Management Program

If you are struggling with anxiety check out our program to help you live a new life free from anxiety & stress using our TYBL Method.


One-on-one consulting on nutritional factors that are contributing to your mental health symptoms.

My Approach

I use a Biopsychosocial-spiritual approach with my background in holistic nutrition and mental health. We can work through both the physical, and mental parts of ourselves. I am trained in Transpersonal Psychology bringing in the spiritual aspects. I use an eclectic approach based on each client’s symptoms and experiences. I also offer online therapy for those who require it.

About Me



My name is Amiee Wilson. I am a counsellor in Sydney, NS. I am very passionate about the mind, body and spirit and how these factors require balance to achieve optimal wellness. I am also passionate about the gut-brain connection and how it plays a role in mental health issues like anxiety and depression. If you are dealing with a chronic illness or suffer from anxiety and depression with no relief I can help.


Your Therapy

Here are some of the concerns I can help you with:







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